Money in Politics

January 14, 2020

Dear Senator Tillis,

This is the 155th consecutive week we have protested outside your office.  We never intended this, but you keep making statements that indicate to us that you do not respect the Constitution and you do not believe in democracy.  What you consistently do is defend the President, and it is clear that he does not respect the rule of law or the Constitution.  This is why we keep showing up.

Over the past three years as we studied your statements and votes, it is clear that you do not feel accountable to the people of North Carolina, and we know that one of the reasons for this is because of the way your campaigns are funded.  You take the majority of your money from billionaires and corporations, and from out of state.

What is at stake in the impeachment trial (as well as the president’s recent assassination of a leader of a sovereign nation on the soil of another sovereign nation) is the rule of law.  More evidence emerges every day about the president’s corruption in connection with Ukraine and Russia, yet you continue to join the President in trying to suppress witnesses in the Senate trial.  In the past few days, evidence has emerged that Russia is hacking servers in the Ukraine in a direct attempt to help Trump get elected in 2020.

It is because of the election of 2020 that the House did not wait for lengthy court battles before they voted to impeach the president, and you know it.  You seem to be joining the President in believing that the purpose of presidential power is to serve the personal interests of the person holding the office.  You seem to be fine with his lies and disinformation.

It is not normal for a president to accuse the leaders of the other party of being terrorists.  It is not normal for a president to lie over 15,000 times in three years.  It is not normal for Senators to join in an obvious cover up of crimes.

A president who does not defend the rule of law is a dictator.  If we do not defend the rule of law we will have permitted both its destruction and the destruction of our democracy.

If you felt at all accountable to the people of North Carolina, you would stand up for the rule of law instead of serving the personal interests of a corrupt and dishonest president.


“Tuesdays with Tillis”