Letter to Senator Burr

January 14, 2020

Dear Senator Burr,

We are protesting today in Raleigh outside the Federal Building because we are alarmed by the president’s disregard for the rule of law and the failure of Senators in his party to stand up and defend our democracy and our Constitution.

More evidence emerges every day about the president’s corruption in connection with Ukraine and Russia. Russia has now hacked a server in Ukraine.  Many of us believe that Trump would not have been elected without the help of Russia.  Are you going to be complicit in a repeat of the election of 2016?  Is it okay with you for foreign powers to be involved in our elections?

Recently the President boasted of Saudi Arabia sending a check for a billion dollars in return for our troops.  Are our young men and women in uniform considered mercenaries to be sold to the highest bidder? To whom was that check written?
It is not normal for a president to lie over 15,000 times in three years.  It is not normal for Senators to join in an obvious cover up of crimes.

It is not normal for a president to accuse the leaders of the other party of being terrorists simply because they are trying to defend the rule of law.  It is not lawful for a president to commit an act of war without consulting allies or Congress unless there is an urgent, imminent threat. It is clear there was no such threat.

It is because of the election of 2020 that the House did not wait for lengthy court battles before they voted to impeach the president.  Your party appears to be joining the president in believing that the purpose of presidential power is to serve the personal interests of the person holding the office, and appears to approve of his lies, cruelty, crassness, and disinformation.

A president who does not defend the rule of law is a dictator.  If we do not defend the rule of law we will have permitted both its destruction and the destruction of our democracy.

If you felt at all accountable to the people of North Carolina, you would stand up for the rule of law instead of serving the personal interests of a corrupt and dishonest president.