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Be a voice for an inclusive and fair democracy!

Our peaceful activist community works together for a democracy that improves people’s lives.  All people. We hold our elected representatives accountable. We embody peaceful persistent power. 

About Democracy Out Loud

Democracy Out Loud has championed fair and inclusive democracy since our first march in front of the Federal Building in January 2017. As we have continued to grow, we have increased our activism to include the halls of the NCGA. We invite you to join us to peacefully advocate for the things that are good for our communities and our country:

  • The freedom to vote and for each vote to count equally. 
  • Education that allows children to pursue their dreams, no matter where they come from.
  • Access to quality healthcare near home.
  • Safe communities that are free from the fear of gun violence.  
  • Strengthening our economy by paying workers a living wage.
  • Trusting women with their own reproductive and healthcare decisions.
  • Welcoming migrants and their cultures, which enrich our country.
  • Ensuring that our systems work equally for Black, brown, LGBTQ, working, poor, disabled, young, and new Americans.
  • Putting clean air and water for all above corporate profit for a few. 

We believe that to maintain our right to peacefully protest, we must exercise that right. You will find us taking to the streets with passion, marching, singing, and proudly carrying signs that advocate for our values. You will also find us lobbying, canvassing, calling, texting, writing letters, and having honest conversations with our elected officials on the street and in our meetings.

At our meetings, we discuss current concerns and share actionable steps. We hear from inspiring speakers who shed light on the crucial work of their community groups. Our community thrives on open and honest conversations with political candidates. We also support each other’s individual calls to action, including anti-racism, environmentalism, voting rights, healthcare, income equity, food, housing, and immigration reform. Our power is in the activism we inspire in our community.

Get Involved

With the upcoming elections in November, it is especially important that we each find our role in protecting our democracy and the people it serves. If you would like to connect with people who are interested in creating positive change, email us for a link to our meeting. If you would like to speak on behalf of your organization, we would love to hear from you. Here is how you can get involved:

  • Attend our weekly online meetings Tuesdays 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Email us for a link.
  • Subscribe to our Substack for weekly inspiration and actions.
  • Email us to subscribe to the Climate Crisis Newsletter.
  • Join the conversation on our Facebook Page, Facebook Group, X, Instagram or Threads. 
  • Join us at a march, in the NCGA gallery or at other events. These are announced at our meetings, in the weekly newsletter or via social media.

We are proud to be part of  Indivisible and DemCast. The Raging Grannies have been part of our community since our very first march.

Ready to make a difference? Join us to be part of the action and also to learn from other people and groups dedicated to supporting people in communities across North Carolina. We look forward to having you join us to exercise peaceful persistent power.