Letters to the Senator

September 17, 2019


Dear Senator Tillis,

Surely you can see that the bullying, “winner take all” attitude of your party in North Carolina (your enduring legacy here) and in the White House and Senate are a real danger to democracy.  Indeed, you have nearly destroyed democracy, and we wonder if you know the extent of the damage.   Clearly the GOP cannot win elections without lying and cheating, and you need the help of hostile foreign governments and aggressive voter suppressionin order to elect candidates who will further your extreme right-wing agenda.


If this is not true, why is the Senate not taking up H. R. 3351, the House bill which gave 500 million dollars to the states for election security?  Apparently, Senator McConnell wants the Russians to continue to tilt the election in the president’s favor, and he himself wants to continue to get their help.   Apparently both men know that in a true election (one person, one vote) they will be voted out.  Doesn’t this bother you, or have you totally sold your soul because you too know that cheating and lying is the only way you can stay in power?


Our entire intelligence community has said emphatically that hostile foreign powers are already at work on the 2020 election.  In every country, we need paper ballots and machines that can’t be hacked, in time for the next election.


We call upon you to represent ALL of the people of North Carolina, to have town halls, to listen and give serious thought to what benefits all of us.  We call upon you to stand up for election security and against voter suppression.  This would be contrary to everything you have done so far in public life, but you took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  It is never too late to do the right thing.