Mueller Report

This week’s assignment is Volume 1 pages 51-100. You can download the report here.
The quiz questions are as follows. Send your answers to by midnight Monday. Prizes awarded for best answers on Tuesday.
1) During the campaign period, Donald J. Trump Jr. had direct communications with WikiLeaks. What was the purpose?
2) Who was the primary contact associated with the Trump campaign charged with handling the Trump Tower Moscow project?
3) When did Michael Cohen plead guilty to making false statements to Congress pursuant to a plea agreement?
4) In late 2016, soon after the WikiLeak’s first release of stolen documents, a foreign government official contacted the FBI concerning a May encounter with which Trump campaign advisor? Why?
5) Who joined the Trump campaign in January 2016 as a foreign policy advisory and advocated for a pro-Russian position?
6) In all of the many contacts made by members associated with the Trump campaign and Russian operatives, which do you find most incriminating? Why?